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Patio Refresh: Transform Your Outdoor Space with DIY Furniture Painting

Patio furniture is often the design anchor of an outdoor space. Because of exposure to the elements, outdoor furniture is also destined to see the most wear. Even if you’re able to store your outdoor pieces for the harsh winter season, exposure to sun, wind, and rain at other times of year leave your favorite patio features looking dull after a while.

QUIZ: Which College Entrance Exams Should You Take?

More than 2 million members of the class of 2016 took an ACT test, while another 1.68 million sat for the SATs. Many of them took it twice or even three times, often both during their junior years and again at the beginning of their senior years, working toward a score that could tip the admissions scales in their favor.

Best Study Tips from Successful College Students

New city, new friends, new classes — college is a big leap from the familiar halls of high school. Gone are the days of study hall and mom telling you to get your homework done. Whether you’re at a small college close to home or a Big Ten university miles away, you alone are responsible for your studies.

Is There Value in Interning Before College?

Although most students seek out these opportunities while in college, some may find value in pursuing them while still in high school. Mary Ann Smock, currently a freshman at Capital University in Bexley, Ohio, credits a six-month internship at the Art Lab of the Columbus Museum of Art during her senior year of high school with helping her decide her college major.

The Unique Challenges of Applying to College as a Refugee

Applying to college can be a difficult process even in the most optimal conditions. For refugee and immigrant teens with parents whose first language isn’t English, it presents unique challenges. Here’s how recent Virginia Commonwealth University graduate and Afghan refugee Wajma Soltan navigated her application experience.

The Essay That Got Me Into College: My Summer at the Mall

Sometimes it’s all about perspective. Yale asked that I describe something “impactful” in my life — that was the theme of the supplemental essay I needed to write the year I applied. Like many classmates, I chose to describe the summer before my senior year. But there was a big difference between how I and my ambitious classmates passed the time that year.

True Story: How I Overcame College Rejection

Getting rejected from your first choice college can feel like a punch in the gut. But for students like Elizabeth and Tini, hearing “thanks, but no thanks,” turned out to be one of the best things that ever happened to them. As a high-school senior, I applied early decision to Stanford. When I first visited and took the campus walking tour, I really fell in love with the environment.

Here’s Why Your College Might Be Blowing Up Your Phone

Have you been getting a whole lot of texts lately from your college or the schools you’re considering applying to? and that’s potentially a good thing. Once you provide your information and opt-in, these texts can be a valuable resource for keeping you informed and on track. If you’ve started exploring scholarship opportunities, visited multiple colleges, or researched where to get the best deal on textbooks, your e-mail inbox is likely already stuffed with announcements and important info.

At Louisville Summer Camps, Robots Meet Literacy to Support Vulnerable Students

Shawnta Spencer sits in a tall chair at the front of the classroom, the projector set up behind her. She’s getting ready to show her students a video from California’s Salinas Valley, where giant robots roll through crops of lettuce and use high-pressure water knives to harvest vegetables. This kind of technology is changing the future of farming, and Spencer wants to make sure her students have a sense of what the robotics field is capable of achieving.
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How Our Doctors Are Revolutionizing the Patient Experience

The field of medicine has long attracted the best and brightest — individuals who are hardworking, driven, tenacious, and empathetic. These eager students head to top medical schools with the desire to make a difference and meaningfully impact lives. They take on hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, study and practice relentlessly, work exhaustive residency hours, and then enter the healthcare workforce where, for many, those grueling hours continue — stretching doctors thinner and thinner.
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There Are Two Types Of Cardio—Here’s Why They Both Matter

Sure, you can deadlift serious poundage and you just ran a 10k, but do you know the difference between aerobic and anaerobic exercise? Here, we refer to the experts for a breakdown on the two different types of cardio that do a body good. Aerobic exercise pumps oxygenated blood from the heart to the muscles.
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This App Could Prevent Hot-Car Deaths

One afternoon in 2015, Phirin Kennedy came across an article about an infant being left by accident in a fatally hot car. She turned to her husband, Brian, and told him, “There has to be a way to fix this.”. Her statement was more of a reflection than a call to action, but, Brian Kennedy recalled later, “that got us thinking.”.
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